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Petals of rose strewn everywhere,

Teddies and bears made the way,

My thoughts and love will be in the air,

For him who will make my heart sway!

Its a dream, I see

Its a wish, I longed to be .

A wonderful moment that I yearn,

Love! It's something you have to earn!

He says to me one happy summer,

' I love you today, tomorrow forever,

You have given me a purpose to live,

There is nothing more for me to believe'.

Saying this, he gives me a rose n kiss,

I thank God for so much bliss,

My cheeks flush like a bride,

My heart goes for a roller ride!

I then confess my adoration,

My heart full of love n devotion,

' you came and made it true,

A fairy tale is already on brew'!

His eyes sparkles when he smiles,

My tummy churns like butterflies,

I feel like a flower blooming to its core,

And desired to be loved and nothing more!

He will be the harbinger of joy and peace,

And will rebuild my soul, which was in piece,

He will be the Angel's gift, I desire,

Stay by me, till the day I retire!

_ saheli_gobu

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