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Dear Ice bear,

To you I write,

About my sad plight.

You might wonder who I am,

Listen to the story with rapt attention!

" Once upon a time in the land of Aryans,

There lived a princess,

She was always happy,never sad.

Her life was full of kisses!

She dreamt a man one night,

Black eyed, tall and fair,

His face couldnt be visualised,

Its the smile, she remembered.

Day after day, night after night;

She dreamt the same dream,

The Black Eyed man with a beautiful smile,

Created havoc to its brim!

The Princess heard about a witch,

Who lived in the city of Thunder,

She thought to take her advice,

' who is this man?',she wondered.

' He is the one destined', said the hag,

With her wicked smiling face,

'You should find him as soon as you can,

Or your heart will forever be in pain'.

'Will ya help me to find him?', asked the princess

The witch grinned and smiled slyly,

' of course dear, I will', she pretended,

' but with one simple condition only'.

' you for me have to do some errands,

Then only I will help you find,

Once failed under some pretence,

Then With chains I will bind'.

The princess agreed. She trusted the witch.

But the errands were hidden sins,

The witch deceived her and made a glitch,

Nothing could be done by any means.

She was trapped. She broke her heart.

She lost her innocent soul.

Her world was torn apart,

There was no one to call.

The happy princess became a poster of pain,

She had failed, and she cried.

The witch imprisoned her in chains,

Thats how her life came to an end.

She was whipped, lashed and remained in cold,

Each day she put balms on her wounds,

Every night the witch came to eat her soul,

But the dreams of the Smile continued.

One day she heard from someone,

He was the prince of the moon,

He lived in the land of Joseon,

' A warrior he was', it was known.

Was that the man who came in her dreams?

The prince of the morning calm,

In her sleep, she painfully screamed,

Her cries echoed from Phnom to Surinam."

This is where my story ends,

The plight of my life,

Are you the breaker of chains?

Can you end this strife?

I have seen you many a day,

From the tower of my fort,

Will you come here this way,

Will you give a little effort?

-Saheli Banerji




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