Cries! #relationship #life #twoWorlds


I stood in between

My ears splitting with the loud cries,

Of a joyful mother and a teary wife.

The death of a father of an unborn child,

And the melodious 'uludhwani' to welcome the bride.

I stood in between

Hearing both the tumultuous cries!

One son leaving his parents behind,

Another son is giving the cause to smile,

The child would never see his father again,

I stood watching both the scene

With tears of joy and pain!

This is the rule of the world of God

One goes away and another takes its pot.

Cries and smiles, tears and laughter

This is the mystery of the Nature!

I stood in between

The candles and lights brightening a home,

Another is plunged in darkness and gloom.

My house lies in between the two.

I stood watching both the views!

_ saheli banerji

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