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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Cinderella 2.0

I am Cinderella. Yes. You got it right! I am the modern Cinderella!!

Although my life has been a tumultuous one, just like my predecessor, the old tale of the past, I have decided not to let my Fates deter me...Let me tell you about my life in short.

My father remarried a deceptive crone who came with two of her sluggish slimy snakes into our heaven. My mother had died long ago and our mansion turned a pandemonium in her absence. So my father decided to get someone who would bring back our lost Eden. Little did he know that his well-intended thoughts would bite back at him within a span of a few months. My stepmom poisoned my father to succeed in all his wealth. And I became a servant, just like the tales.

This is my life. Same as the old one, isn’t it?

You might be pondering ”hey! Where is the prince? And the ball? What about your fairy Godmother?’

You have no idea. There is no prince in my country in a literal sense. But the young handsome dashing president of the nation can pass off as the prince of my story. He is always surrounded by guards. The most eligible bachelor. And girls simply fawn upon him. His looks gave him a seat in the senate and his looks again gave him the throne to rule. He was nothing like his father, No wisdom, no urge to change!

One day, I read the news!

The president has organized a “share your talent. Only young girls were eligible to participate and share their talents. The winner will go to lunch with the president.

As usual, just like the old tale, my stepsisters were crazy and euphoric about attending the party. They had neither skills of dancing nor elocution but just to see the Charming One, they attired themselves in extravagant, low necked ,well-groomed dresses and hairstyles.

What about me?

Well, unlike my namesake, I wasn’t at all interested in meeting him. Not my type! He achieved everything just by showing his dimples! I loved my country and I hated to see it falling into shambles. We needed a strong president, not a womanizer or a Casanova. Both my motherland and I were in ruins!

That night I was reading a book in my room when the door unlatched and my stepmom came in.

Of you run to the forum and hand over this packet to the guard. Say that they're for your sisters, who have forgotten the gift for the president”.

I rolled my eyes! Seriously! Why me?

But I knew if I denied I would be locked in the pantry for the night. So I agreed unwillingly.

Suddenly an idea struck me. This was the opportunity my Fairy Godmother gave!

Miracles come in unexpected ways, isn’t it?

That night, the whole country was in upheaval. We were all watching the evening news. I was cleaning the shelves nearby. The TV reporter was commenting about how a girl had sent an insulting note to the president by the hands of a guard. The president has locked himself in. Everyone was upset.

How could anyone do this to our sweet president? How outrageous!”, cried my sisters in rage.

“ what was written in the letter?”, asked stepmom curiously. listen”.

The Reporter was dictating the contents of the letter.

Dear Mr. President,

I hope you are fine. Well, you don’t know me and I have no intention of making myself known to you. I am not like those silly dallies who have attended your talent hunt just to get a glimpse of your face or to shake your hand. I am writing this letter to say that you SUCK. You suck at being a president. When you should be conferencing with international delegates, forming treaties, new laws, you are wasting your time with a handful of girls. Wow! This is not the president our country should have. Your father was a real gem, God bless his soul! And look at what you have become!

Happy birthday!”

And the hunt to find me began!!

- Saheli Banerji

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