My Works:

Co-Author in Several Anthologies Registered under MSME, Govt. Of India.

  1. Name of Poems: Broken Soul, Cries

Book:Rhythms of Life

Compiled by : Saloni Shah

Publisher : Split Poetry India , 28th October 2020.

Amazon Link: Rhythms of Life 


2. Name of the story : He is a Soldier

Book: Moulting days

Compiled by : Anil Kumar Jaswal

Publisher: Eka Publishing, 10th February 2021.

Amazon Link: Moulting Days: Life after uniform 


3. Name of Poems: Cries , A painful Night

Book: Zindagi Ek Ehsaas

Compiled by : Akansha Sinha

Publisher : Flairs and Glairs, 1st January 2020.

Amazon Link: Zindagi Ek Ehsaas [Paperback] Akanksha Sinha 


4. Name of Story: The  Last Promise

Book: Stories In a Nutshell

Compiled by : Shreya Pataskar

Publisher : Notion Press, 8th December 2020.

Amazon Link: Stories in a Nutshell 


5. Name of the poems: Marriage Proposal, Letter to Love

Book: The Miscellany of Odes

Compiled by: Shreya Pataskar

Publisher : Notion Press, 12th November 2020.

Amazon Link: The Miscellany of Odes 


6. Name of the Story: When it Snows in April

Book: Silence Speaks

Compiled by: Atshaya Muthukumar

Publisher: Inkedge Publications ( Yet to be published by December 2021)


7. Name of the Story: Cinderella 2.0

Book: Scribbler Says

Compiled by : Shivani Timande

Publisher : Booklouse Publication, ( Yet to be published by December 2021)




Novels :

1.Pools of Blood

Link : 


2. The Murder of a King ( On going)