I am a small-town girl, residing in Durgapur, West Bengal, India (currently). In these 29 years of life (DOB: 29th January,1992), I have learned and faced the world with my eyes, seeing things that often people tend to miss, experiencing situations that shape and mould a person to be a better human in the years to come. I have completed my Major in English Literature and a degree in French and I have two teacher licenses:B. Ed, 220 hours TEFL.

Teaching has always been my passion. A teacher creates a new generation, inculcating the spirit of compassion, honesty, and dedication among the children. For more than 8 years I have taught numerous students shaping their lives and giving them wings to fly high.

 But writing is my life. Being an introvert and shy, I often find it difficult to approach people, express my emotions, and lighten my overloaded heart. Writing helps me to do that. It helps me to express all that I want to say, all that I see, and all that needs a voice. Mostly I write fiction. Just like John Keats, I tend to be an escapist sometimes. I fly with the winged dragons, I swim with the mermaids and I fight with the many-headed demons, transcending my soul into the world of unknown. Presently I am working as a content creator in a well-famed firm, creating news and blogs along with my stories and novels. 

I love to travel. The world has so much to give and staying trapped in a four-walled stinking room can never give me the solace I deserve. I am a polyglot and this helps to make my journey smoother than others. During my free time, I indulge in painting and photography. 

Recently, I have been featured in Lifestyle Magazine, USA, August Edition 2021, as " Budding writer of India".

This is all about me. 

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